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  • Ads by Influence is the world's only social media marketplace for digital services. Share your skills with our buyer community—and make money while you're at it! Whether you're an influencer, graphic designer, social media manager, content writer, or digital marketing expert, Ads by Influence is the place for you. Below, you can find great tips to start selling.

    Creating your seller profile

    Your profile should show professionalism and originality. It is your opportunity to get our customers attention and show them what you can do. Make sure you take your time and make your profile stand out from the rest!

    Creating your gigs

    A gig is a service you sell on Ads by Influence. Create as many gigs as you like for no charge. Each gig can offer up to 3 packages offering different levels of service at prices you determine. Your gigs will be displayed on our website for our customers to purchase.

  • When a gig is purchased or project is awarded the customer's funds are held in an escrow account with Ads by Influence. Upon completion of the gig or project and customer approval, the funds will be released. Ads by influence keeps a commission of 20% (currently 15% introductory rate until 10/31/2023). Once your account has a minimum of $50, you can request a payout.

  • Ads by Influence is here to protect both the buyer and seller. By holding the funds until the work is completed in a satisfactory manner, both parties can feel assured that the transaction will run smoothly.

  • If you do not see the service offered that you require, you can post a project and let the experts come to you! Your project will be posted on our website for the experts to view and send offers. This feature will save you time and expand your options.

  • If you are not satisfied with the results of your purchased service or feel the seller did fulfill the requirements of your agreement, you can file a dispute with our customer service. We will review the facts from both sides and make a determination of how the issue is to be resolved.

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